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Placing Surveillance Cameras In Visible Places … Security Tips To Prevent Theft At Home


The criminal activity of house robbers begins simultaneously with the departure of citizens from their homes, so the robbers find fertile ground for their criminal activity from these empty houses.

To prevent home burglary during work hours or holidays, some security measures must be taken to ensure that personal belongings are largely secured.

To clarify these procedures, Al-Ahram Gate met with a security source from the Cairo General Administration of Investigation, to clarify what to do when leaving the house, especially at night.

The source said that there are signs showing the outlaws that these houses are empty of their residents for long hours, and this facilitates their activities, so these signs should be avoided.

The source explained that the owners of the houses should leave the lights on to deceive the thieves that there are people inside, and it must be ensured that the main doors of the house are closed, noting that 80% of the robberies of the houses They are through the doors and not just through the doors. points of sale.

The source pointed out that it is necessary to ensure the security of the surveillance cameras, placing them in places visible to all people, to sow anxiety in the spirit of the outlaws.

Adding to not talking to any strangers about the family about travel times, especially the time back and forth.

The source added that with all the precautionary measures taken, the house should be free of expensive belongings such as jewelry, as well as money.

The source concluded his speech at the “Al-Ahram Gate” by saying: “Maintain a good relationship with your neighbors as they are the first line of defense for your homes. Your neighbor can help ask for help if he notices unusual activity. In your home.”

There are many methods that keep your home safe from theft, but there is no way to protect it 100%, but the more of these methods you apply, the less chance you will have of being robbed.

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