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Latest Tech & Gaming News the cloud revolution arrives in mobile games the cloud revolution arrives in mobile games

The mobile cloud company, today launched a mobile cloud gaming platform for game developers. The US company’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) mobile cloud platform dramatically changes the scope, potential and business model for game developers through accessibility, sharing and monetization solutions.

Already adopted by leading game developers such as: Perfect World, PerBlue and Lilith Games,’s mobile cloud aims to revolutionize how mobile game developers can reach new users around the world. For the first time, through this possibility, game developers can offer users the same graphics and high performance regardless of the device used, the operating system or regional limits.

Apart of this, makes games instantly shareable with the simple click of a link. No more cumbersome downloads or lengthy installations. Users simply click a link to play now and make in-app purchases. Easy, simple and straightforward, it is even possible to play in third-party applications such as Discord and Snapchat without leaving the platform. With 1.3 million new users signing up to social media every day, game developers can reach another 1 billion mobile gamers by sharing their favorite games through their social channels.

Finally, developers can monetize their new users with the mobile cloud without the restriction of credit cards. 45% of all online purchases are made through digital wallets and this amount is expected to reach 51% in 2024. gives players the freedom to transact through digital payment channels that already are in the cloud, like digital wallets, cryptocurrencies or game recharges. This will allow developers to attract many more new users and also increase their margins.

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