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Now, the link of the Madrasati educational platform for the tests and the registration method for the programming contest.

Now, the link of the Madrasati educational platform for the tests and the registration method for the programming contest.

The link of the educational platform of my school, the platform of the school currently occupies a great prominent position through the search engines on the Internet by students who want to benefit from all its myriad services, and the platform of my school recently arrived to follow students at different stages of education through prescribed curricula After the decision to stop studying in schools and to rely on distance education, and recently, my school launched a contest that encourages students to innovate in the field of programming, and now we will get in touch with you. link to my school’s platform and how to participate in the programming contest.

Link to my school’s platform for exams

The Madrasati platform recently launched a contest programmed by the Ministry of Education with the aim of increasing competitiveness among students, through enjoyable learning and the dissemination of the culture of computer software, and using all this in the development of their skills in the field of programming, as many talents will be discovered among the students and a new generation will be created capable of keeping up with the tremendous scientific progress in the field of technology.

My school’s competition schedule

The first stage of my school’s competition was known as “Schedule Time”, and was entered through the “Minecraft Education” program, and the task of that stage is to activate a schedule hour through the software components “Block”, and this is in all schools of public education, and he can participate in the competition of teachers, teachers, students, parents and school administrators.

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How to register for the My School contest is scheduled

You can participate in the My School Programming contest by following these steps:

  • Enter through the back to school site.
  • Log in to the home page and select Login.
  • Write down all the necessary data of the card number and other information.
  • Write down the phone number and write down the number sent by phone.
  • Click Verify.
  • Make a note of the verification number.
  • Account confirmation.
  • Entering the website of the educational version of Minecraft.
  • Press to log in through the Madrasati platform.