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Knights of the old republic remake héros

[Rumeur] A remake of Knights of the Old Republic by Aspyr?

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic It is a true cult item for RPG lovers and Star Wars fans. Rumors have been circulating for years surrounding BioWare’s 2003 RPG, which is considered by many to be one of the best, if not the best, video game set in a galaxy far, far away.

The recent history of Star Wars video games has been quite turbulent since Disney purchased the license in 2012. Shortly after this acquisition, Electronic Arts signed an exclusive 10-year license agreement that made it the only entity that could create and to distribute. New Star Wars video games. The results received a fairly mixed reception, particularly regarding Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Jedi Fallen Order managed to seduce a portion of the public).

At the same time, some older licensed games may receive preferential treatment from companies outside of EA, and a particular company may be working to bring KOTOR to our modern gaming platforms.

Let’s get to the point: the always informed Jason schreier supported during an interview with our US colleagues at PCGamesN that Aspyr Media would be in charge of bringing this remake to life, which he had already hinted at last February. Aspyr already knows about the license because the developers had worked on the KOTOR port on Mac and mobile devices in 2014.

Not only does Aspyr have prior experience with KOTOR, the studio is also responsible for the Republic Commando’s recent port to Nintendo Switch. That said, it appears that the study plans for Knights of the Old Republic are very different. Always in accordance with Schreier, the project could take as an example the remake of Demon’s Souls or that of Final Fantasy VII.

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In the minds of many Star Wars fans, it was about time KOTOR had at least one remaster or full overhaul. Gamers love this title so much that there have even been attempts to remaster the game by fans (do some research on the “Apeiron project” …). If Aspyr is really working on a legitimate remake and not just in HD, then it could be the grail that the Jedi and Sith community have been waiting for..

Only time will tell if these rumors turn out to be true.