It’s Thursday – Epic Games brings you new games again! This is done within the framework of Free Games Collection, which has existed since the store opened. Every week you can expect more free games and/or content. You only have to click on them once and you can add them to your game collection permanently.

This week you get both titles: Rainbow Y The drone racing league simulator.


Runbow is a wild party platform game. With a variety of wacky characters, costumes, and game modes, Runbow is colorful mayhem that you simply have to experience for yourself.

Here it goes Rainbow

The drone racing league simulator

DRL Simulator is the leader when it comes to simulators and FPV racing games. The DRL Sim offers a full and ever-evolving range of features, including extremely exciting drone racing. It features race tracks where the real DRL drivers fly, with more being added each season.

here it is The drone racing league simulator

You can get the free content from the Epic Games Store until October 6. After that, the free games offer changes again and you can expect: rising hell Y Murdered: Back from Hell. If you want to know what titles Epic has already released for free, take a look here: Epic Games – Free Games Collection: All Games List

A week ago:

Great: ARK and Gloomhaven for free!