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“Nuclear Control” issues a statement on the normal operation of the second unit in Barakah

The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation said that since it granted the operating license last March of the second unit of the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant, it has continued with its monitoring tasks in the fuel loading phase and the various tests carried out. to reach the stage of normality. operation, which is one of the important stages of the nuclear power plant in which the nuclear fission process begins to generate energy, or what is known as (forest). FANR confirms the commitment of Nawah Energy Company, the operator, with all the regulatory requirements to start this important stage. This achievement is the result of FANR’s extensive monitoring activities, including continuous inspection, to ensure the safety of the nuclear power plant.

It is worth mentioning that after the issuance of the operating license by the authority and reaching the normal operation stage (forest), the authority carried out a set of control activities, which included inspection through its inspectors. residents at the station and the dispatch of more inspectors to follow up the nuclear fuel loading operations and the different stages of testing, and the authority is in constant control from the level of preparedness and preparedness for emergencies, as well as monitoring the environment through independent monitoring stations located around the station while using its environmental laboratory.

The normal (forestry) phase of operation represents a historic achievement over the course of the Emirates Nuclear Power Program, which will contribute to the commercial operation of the second unit. Since its creation in 2009, the FANR has issued regulations and guidelines and has carried out rigorous inspections and reviews that have contributed to reaching this important stage in the history of the first nuclear power plant in the region in order to guarantee its safety and security. .

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After this stage, the authority will continue with its supervision and inspection tasks and other subsequent stages, which include the start of the power generation of the plant, then full commercial operation, in order to guarantee the safety and protection of the plant within the framework of the authority’s tasks to protect society, workers and the environment.