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Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend arriva su PC e mobile prossimamente

SaGa Final Fantasy Legend Collection Coming Soon to PC and Mobile Devices

Square Enix announced today that SaGa Final Fantasy Legend Collection It will no longer be a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

The collection of classic JRPG titles will, in fact, hit mobile devices in September 22 and on PC via Steam October 21. The digital collection includes Final Fantasy Legend, Final Fantasy Legend II, and Final Fantasy Legend III. Created by Akitoshi Kawazu and originally released for the Game Boy in 1990, longtime fans will be able to enjoy a faithful recreation of these classic 8-bit titles in this nostalgic and pioneering adventure.

Among the novelties of Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend we find:

  • Increased character speed
  • Adjustable screen magnification
  • New music and commemorative illustrations
  • 4K resolution mode (STEAM only)
  • One-handed gameplay (mobile only)

This exciting announcement came during a live broadcast of Romancing SaGa Re; univerSe. To celebrate the collection’s arrival on new platforms, the players of Romancing SaGa Re; univer Original soundtracks from the three individual games can be enjoyed in the Concert Hall. For a limited time, players can also earn up to 2,000 jewels by completing event missions, enjoying generous login bonuses, and summoning new characters.

Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend is available on Nintendo Switch and will hit mobile devices on September 22 and PC on October 21.