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Nuclear power plant deadline extension: Greens seem unobjective

Nuclear power plant deadline extension: Greens seem unobjective

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The Greens seem irrelevant and selfish.

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Economy Minister Habeck and WELT author Matthias Kamann

Source: Kay Nietfeld/dpa, Claudius Plow

Can the huge additional demand for electricity really be met without nuclear power? Given the acute emergency, Ministers Habeck and Lemke should have weighed all the arguments. But they did not, preferring to protect the green biographies and the core of the party’s DNA.

DThe use of nuclear energy requires difficult considerations on the part of politics and society. Hopes for greater security of supply are offset by supply problems in France due to reactor downtime. A significant reduction in COtwoemissions collides with the unresolved issue of nuclear waste. And there are always new questions to ask about operational security.

One of the bad answers to this is that if Russia invades Ukraine and Putin uses fossil fuels as economic weapons, we have always been opposed to nuclear power and therefore do not need to reconsider. Green ministers seem to have given themselves and their officials that bad answer when they thought of longer run times for the remaining nuclear power plants in the spring.

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To justify the closure of nuclear power plants, Economy Minister Robert Habeck used a statistically questionable study, among other things.

There is much to suggest that the examination of this issue in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Environment was not carried out with an open mind and was not based on all available assessments, but rather was largely determined by the previously established determination to protect green biographies and the core of the party’s DNA.

Principles in favor of Ukraine

This makes the Greens, who in the current crisis are selflessly steadfast in their principles with their clear pro-Ukrainian position, appear petty, self-serving and irrelevant at the same time. Whoever does not listen and weigh all the rational arguments before a new exam, who is forced by an acute emergency, is not behaving rationally.

It will be interesting to see what Robert Habeck and Steffi Lemke want to do to appear rational again at this point. The issue of nuclear energy will continue to provide them with opportunities to do so. Because if the burning of fossil fuels, for example in heat generation or in transport, is correctly replaced by electricity to protect the climate, then the question remains whether the enormous additional electricity requirement can really be covered without nuclear power. .

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