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Of course, Scalper has already listed the 30th anniversary edition of Fire Emblem.

Of course, Scalper has already listed the 30th anniversary edition of Fire Emblem.

This week Nintendo announced it would bring Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & Blade of Light To the west for the first time So far.. Catch- Because there is always one -This is another “limited time” release, which means that it will only be available in Switch eShop until March 31, 2021.

In addition to this, Nintendo Fire Emblem 30th Anniversary Edition.. Like the digital release, it will only be available for a “limited time”. Despite the fact that it doesn’t contain a physical copy of the game, it’s still in high demand, and as a result, Scalper is already taking advantage of its limited availability. Here are some examples from Twitter users Grayson_James 23:

“I don’t post much on Twitter, but I came to @ Nintendo America and sold out in 2 minutes … Make a lot for everyone and drown your scumbags. As an FE collector and mega fan. I’m really angry. I will. “

A quick search for Fire Emblem 30th Anniversary on eBay or similar websites can result in a large list of these. The majority make no effort to hide the fact that they are reselling their orders. As always, prices have risen significantly from the suggested retail price of $ 49.99. Some lists even have bids on them …

This has been going on since last month when Scalper was involved in reselling another “limited time” release. Super Mario 3D All Stars, Before the release date. Did you have a problem protecting the 30th Anniversary Edition of Fire Emblem? Please tell me below.

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