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Olympic Games - Soccer: Spain - Ivory Coast LIVE

Olympic Games – Soccer: Spain – Ivory Coast LIVE


Spain – Ivory Coast



12h38. Thank you for following the meeting Spain – Ivory Coast LIVE on our site (5-2, ap). Have a nice day !

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Yesterday at 1:04 AM

12h37. The Iberians were close to elimination before the tie in added time of the second period. Instead, they will see the semi-finals where they will face the winner of Japan, New Zealand.

120º + 2. It’s over! Spain’s victory in extra time.

120 ° + 1. SPAIN GOAL !! 5-2. Mir offers himself a hat-trick by picking up a good ball from Oyarzabal on the ground at the near post.

118e. More suspense in this encounter. Ivorians are resigned.

117th. GOAL OF SPAIN !!! 4-2. Displaced by Olmo to the right, Mir unleashes a good shot from the right at a tight angle that ends in the small net opposite.

114º. Kouao comes into play in place of Kouassi.

114º. Yellow card for Soler for a foul on Kessie in the center of the field.

111º. Mir goes against the left. Step forward and open your right foot for a spiral shot repelled by Wrath!

109e. Simon gets up and the game is resumed.

107e. Clash between Simon and Dao. The Spanish goalkeeper is on the ground. The healers by his side.

107e. Note that Cucurella and Moncayola entered during the break. Miranda and Zubimendi came out.

106º. It turns off again for the second overtime period.

105º + 2. End of the first extension period.

105e. Two minutes of additional time were announced.

103e. The opportunity for Gradel! He is served by Kessie to the left of the area and pulls hard … to the side! But he has no regrets, he was out of the game.

102e. Soler takes the place of Pedri.

101e. The Ivorians received a small blow to the head. We don’t see too much reaction at the moment.

98º. GOAL OF SPAIN !!! 3-2. Oyarzabal scores by pulling a little to the right. Wrath throws himself to the other side.


Credit: Getty Images

97º. The referee takes his time and gives the penalty. It is logical.

96e. The referee looks at the images. Bailly appears to be touching the ball with his hand raised above his head. The penalty seems justified.

94e. The Spanish claim an Ivorian hand in the area in a corner. The game stops. The VAR analyzes the action.

92e. Amad Diallo for Gradel on the left. He stands upright and strikes. It is counteracted.

91. Beginning of the first extension period.

90º + 5. End of regulation time between Spain and Ivory Coast. We are entitled to an extension!

90e + 4. A small miracle for these Spaniards who were on the verge of elimination.

90º + 3. GOAL OF SPAIN !!! 2-2. Another big mistake from the Ivory Coast. Two Ivorians stand in the way and fail to release a ball that hangs in the area. After a rebound, Mir is the fastest and scores close to the left!

90e + 2. Five minutes of minimum additional time.

90e + 2. Mir comes into play on the Spanish side. Merino comes out.

90 ° + 1. GOAL FROM THE CÔTE D’IVOIRE !! Taken to the left of the box, Gradel chooses a powerful shot to the ground from a tight angle. The ball is slightly deflected and Simon cannot touch it!

90e. Kader Keita takes the place of Christian Kouamé.

89th. Anger parade on the ground that closes its angle well! He stops an attempt from Oyarzabal on the right after a good serve from Olmo!

87e. Diallo’s far strike. But it is too crossed.

85º. The great opportunity for Spain! Bryan Gil returns Merino at the near post! And Kessie clears for a corner at the last minute!

84e. End of game undecided. Both teams give it their all.

81e. Merino shoots him straight. And it is not far from the ivory window.

80e. Merino lands a nice free kick down the right 25 yards. For a lack of Dao.

77e. Yellow card for Garcia for having retained the arm of Dao who had just eliminated him in a controlled control.

76e. The Ivory Coast counter. Kouamé for Diallo. His left blow is countered. Kessie comes in thrown and fires uncontrollably at 25 meters. Much higher.

74e. Yellow card for Dábila for foul on Oyarzabal.

73e. Kessie searches for Kouamé in the area. But the attacker lacks control. Pain.

70e. Yellow card for Olmo for foul on Gradel.

68e. Liberation of Asensio. Bryan Gil takes his place.

67e. Miranda served left. At the end of the race, cross the near post. Is postponed.

64e. Gradel hits uncontrollably from 25 yards. Over.

63e. Diallo takes the place of Timité, on the Ivory Coast side.

60e. Gradel’s far free kick. Dábila, at the second post, pokes her head out. Simon blocks the ball well but is signaled offside.

58th. Another attempt from afar. Signed Olmo on the ground. And Ira goes to bed well.

55º. Asensio’s hit on the crossbar after an unsuccessful hand raise by Ira directly over Pedri!

53e. Good start for Ira who is ahead of Oyarzabal, beloved by air balloon.

52e. The Spanish have regained control of the game.

49th. Center back to the ground from the right and get Elm on the axis! But the ball is clearly over the top!

48e. The Ivorians have had the ball since the restart and mainly go through the left side.

46º. Start of the second period.

45º + 5. Half time! 1-1 between Spain and Ivory Coast at the end of a rather pleasant first period to follow.

45e + 4. Dao ends up resting. And it seems to be fine.

45e + 3. Dao is injured while trying to retrieve a cross on the nearby post. He stays on the ground, grimacing. The healers are by his side.

45e + 1. Three minutes of additional time was announced.

45e. Ivorians play physically. They are making more and more mistakes.

43a. The goal was finally disallowed by the VAR for an offside position by Oyarzabal. It is logical.

42e. GOAL OF SPAIN! Miranda, thrown from the left, crosses in the near post for Oyarzabal who takes over victorious from the left!

40e. Pedri volley from the left after a poorly cleared ball on a far free kick. Over !

38e. Olmo gets up without a major injury. And Bailly gets away with it without a box.

36e. Bailly sanctioned for a dangerous acrobatic gesture. His right foot ends up in Olmo’s odds. The coaches take care of the Spanish.

35º. Simon’s Parade !! He put in a corner a half volley shot from Dao that went under the bar!

34e. After an off-center free kick by Olmo, Asensio is very close to being able to finish off the axis, near the penalty spot. But they stopped him at the last minute.

32e. A great gift from Ivorians who weren’t really worried until then.

30. GOAL OF SPAIN !! 1-1. Olmo takes advantage of a return pass from Singo’s missed chest to Ira to send the ball into the net with a sharp point. He felt the blow!

Asensio and Dani Olmo

Credit: Eurosport

29e. Centro Miranda from the left. Right in the arms of Ira.

28e. Olmo takes a corner on the near post. It is rejected without problem by the Ivorian defense.

26E. The Spanish take the time to build their attacks on the ground. But it is not paying for now.

24e. Spain is still playing, but the opportunities are clearly for the Ivorians.

23. Another beautiful strike in the Ivory Coast. Signed Kouassi at 25 meters. In Simon’s arms.

21. Center of Diallo from the left. Dao recoils uncontrollably, slightly behind him. But it fails.

20e. Large Dao charge on Simon who catches a balloon in midair. Works fine without cardboard.

18e. Some good combinations of Spanish. It won’t be long before it becomes dangerous.

16e. Very good control of Asensio on the left of the area. Open the path of the nets and attack with force. But it is finally countered.

14e. Asensio off-center free kick at the near post. Kessie nodded.

11e. Two hard blows, in quick succession, for the Spanish: Mingueza’s injury followed by the opening of the Ivorian scoreboard.

10th. GOAL OF THE CÔTE D’IVOIRE !!! 0-1. In the corner taken by Gradel, Bailly returns the ball to the back of the net!

10e. It is over for Mingueza who must leave. Vallejo replaces him.


Credit: Getty Images

9e. The game is stopped because Mingueza seems to be playing behind the left thigh.

Eighth. Simon’s parade scoring a corner after a cross behind Gradel for Kouassi. Roll with the right foot at 20 meters forcing the goalkeeper to work!

5e. Magnificent Spanish collective action! He finished with a nice Oyarzabal heel for Merino. But his takeover of the uncontrolled left is largely absent.

3e. Unsurprisingly, Spain played the game at the start of the match.

1st. He went ! Kick-off given by the Spanish.

09h58. To reach the quarterfinals, Spain finished at the top of Group C with 1 win and 2 draws. While Ivory Coast finished just behind Brazil in Group D, with 1 win and 2 draws as well.

09h56. Venezuelan Jesús Valenzuela will be the referee for this match.

09h54. The Ivorian replacements: Nagoli, Gnaka, Diallo, Keita, Ouattara, Kouao, Tié.

09h53. South bank of l’Espagne: Cucurella, Vallejo, Mir, Fernandez, Soler, Moncayola, Gil.

09h51. Ivorian 4-4-2: Ira – Singo, Bailly, Dabila, Diallo – Timité, Kouassi, Kessie, Gradel (cap) – Dao, Kouamé.

09h49. Le 4-3-3 espagnol: Simon – Migueza, Garcia, Torres, Miranda – Merino (cap), Zubimendi, Pedri – Asensio, Oyarzabal, Olmo.

09h47. The game will start at 10 am at Miyagi Stadium.

09h45. Hello and welcome to our site to follow LIVE the first football quarterfinals of the Tokyo Olympics. It will oppose Spain to the Ivory Coast.

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