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Olympic Games - Tokyo 2020 - France - Japan LIVE

Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020 – France – Japan LIVE


Japan – France

12: 52-15: 03

(Q3) FRANCE – JAPAN: 48-61

Two of two on free throws for Ruper.

Tokyo 2020

LIVE: Les Bleues led at halftime by Japan (41-34), rebellion expected


(Q3) FRANCE – JAPAN: 46-61

Machida in three points! Japan cannot be played.

(Q3) FRANCE – JAPAN: 46-58

Found on the high post, Sandrine Gruda marks her jumper.

(Q3) FRANCE – JAPAN: 44-58

Another decisive pass from Machida on a bad French retreat …

(Q3) FRANCE – JAPAN: 44-56

Another defensive oversight from France. This time, it is Akaho who takes the opportunity to score with the help of the board.

(Q3) FRANCE – JAPAN: 42-54

Another three points for Japan! The locals miss absolutely nothing.

(Q3) FRANCE – JAPAN: 40-51

Les Bleues are adrift. Miyazawa plays Gabby Williams and scores a layup completely solo.

(Q3) FRANCE – JAPAN: 38-49

Only Gruda manages to score.

(Q3) FRANCE – JAPAN: 36-49

FRANCE TIME-OUT. The Blues completely frustrate in the face of their opponents’ long-range success. Rui Machida totally destroys the French defense, who cannot find the keys.

(Q3) FRANCE – JAPAN: 36-49

It’s too easy for Japan! Rui Machida walks on defense and delivers a 12th assist for Miyazawa at three points …

(Q3) FRANCE – JAPAN: 36-46

Two out of two in shooting for Japan, which has a ten-point lead.

(Q3) FRANCE – JAPAN: 36-44

Three-point Akaho! The success of the Japanese is back.

(Q3) FRANCE – JAPAN: 36-41

Taking advantage of his size, Gruda works his way on the racket and scores two easy points.

(Q3) FRANCE – JAPAN: 34-41

Here we go again. First possession of the Blues.

(Q2) FRANCE – JAPAN: 34-41

HALFTIME. Despite a good start for the Blues, the Japanese relied on a great Rui Machida (9 assists) to allow themselves a seven-point lead at halftime. Embarrassed by the speed of their opponents, the France team will have to adapt to the return of the locker room to avoid a major disappointment.

(Q2) FRANCE – JAPAN: 34-41

Johannès stops the bleeding. Great shot from the back of the Blues at three points, first intention.

(Q2) FRANCE – JAPAN: 31-41

Japan takes a 10 point lead. Forgotten behind the three-point line, Miyazaki doesn’t doubt it: rope!

(Q2) FRANCE – JAPAN: 31-38

A delicate moment for France. Found under the circle, Akaho scores two new points with the help of the board.

(Q2) FRANCE – JAPAN: 31-36

Miyazawa sanctions from afar! New long-distance basket for Japan, which is five points ahead.

(Q2) FRANCE – JAPAN: 31-33

Magnificent drive from Rui Machida, who plays with Gabby Williams to score an acrobatic layup.

(Q2) FRANCE – JAPAN: 31-31

Great defense for both teams. Every basket becomes difficult.

(Q2) FRANCE – JAPAN: 31-31

Two of two in free throws for Sandrine Gruda, who equalized.

(Q2) FRANCE – JAPAN: 29-31

Three points for Japan. After a good drive, Machida returns the ball to Takada, who scores from afar!

(Q2) FRANCE – JAPAN: 27-28

Magnificent counterattack by Rui Machida, which puts Akaho in an unbeatable position to score two easy points.

(Q2) FRANCE – JAPAN: 27-26

Nice collective defense for the Blues, forcing Japan to break the 24-second rule.

(Q2) FRANCE – JAPAN: 27-26

Forgotten in the right corner, Yuki Miyazawa takes all his time shooting … rope!

(Q2) FRANCE – JAPAN: 27-23

Found below the circle, Sandrine Gruda takes advantage of her size advantage to record three easy points.

(Q2) FRANCE – JAPAN: 25-23

Akaho towers over Alexia Chartereau, who has trouble defending her.

(Q2) FRANCE – JAPAN: 25-21

Magnificent collective game for the Blues to free Marine Fauthoux on three points. Is within!

(Q2) FRANCE – JAPAN: 22-21

FRANCE TIME-OUT. Valérie Garnier logically stops the match after Japan’s 7-0 attack in this second quarter. Blue must absolutely prevent the counterattacks of his opponents, who are playing at a hundred miles per hour.

(Q2) FRANCE – JAPAN: 22-21

Machida with the wand! On the counterattack, the Japanese leader perfectly finds Akaho, who marks her layup.

(Q2) FRANCE – JAPAN: 22-19

Start of the second trimester. And Japan attacked very hard with two consecutive baskets, including one and one from Maki Takada …

(Q1) FRANCE – JAPAN: 22-14

END OF THE FIRST QUARTER. Neck and long cleavage, the French team increased in intensity at the end of the first quarter to allow themselves an eight point advantage under the impulse of the bench. Very good first ten minutes for Les Bleues.

(Q1) FRANCE – JAPAN: 22-14

France on the doorbell! Taking advantage of an interception, Iliana Rupert goes on the counterattack to register two new points for Blue.

(Q1) FRANCE – JAPAN: 20-14

Three point letter! Left completely alone behind the bow, Chartereau draws … Rope!

(Q1) FRANCE – JAPAN: 17-14

One minute to play. Alexia Chartereau seizes her opportunity with a small hook late in the possession. Is within!

(Q1) FRANCE – JAPAN: 15-14

Fortunately for France, the Japanese don’t save anything. But Johannès has just lost two balls in quick succession.

(Q1) FRANCE – JAPAN: 15-14

Just entering the game, Marine Johannès attacks the circle and scores her first layup of the game.

(Q1) FRANCE – JAPAN: 13-14

Mawuli draws from a distance. First long-distance shoot for Japan, great stuntman.

(Q1) FRANCE – JAPAN: 13-11

Too easily, Motohashi ditches Duchet to end up with a right lay layup.

(Q1) FRANCE – JAPAN: 13-9

Superb shot from Miyem, who scores from zero angle. Blue takes two possessions in advance.

(Q1) FRANCE – JAPAN: 9-9

Three point duchet! Left alone in the left corner, the leader of the Blues calls.

(Q1) FRANCE – JAPAN: 6-9

After an offensive rebound, Gruda returns to the circle and scores with the help of the board.

(Q1) FRANCE – JAPAN: 4-9

Rui Machida hurts us. Building on her speed advantage, the Japan leader scores two easy points.

(Q1) FRANCE – JAPAN: 4-7

Another decisive pass from Machida, who handles Japanese possessions perfectly well. Akaho easily scores under the circle.

(Q1) FRANCE – JAPAN: 2-5

And one for Japan, which is three points ahead.

(Q1) FRANCE – JAPAN: 2-2

Found by Machida, Takada calls with a mid-range shot at angle zero.

(Q1) FRANCE – JAPAN: 2-0

Good penetration from Gabby Williams, who opened the scoring with an easy layup.

(Q1) FRANCE – JAPAN: 0-0

He went ! Sandrine Gruda just won the jump between two.


The 5 major of France is known: Alix Duchet, Sarah Michel, Gabby Williams, Endy Miyem and Sandrine Gruda will start the match.


While waiting for the national anthems to play, the two teams warm up on the floor of the Saitama Super Arena.


In the other semi-final, the United States, big favorites for a seventh consecutive Olympic coronation, largely dominated Serbia: 79-59.


But opposite is Japan, author of a very good Olympic tournament. In the group stage, the Japanese beat the Blues (74-70), lost to Team USA (69-86) and earned a second victory against Nigeria (102-83). To qualify for the last four, Japan defeated a brave Belgian team on the line (86-85).


In the quarterfinals, the French team dominated their favorite mania, Spain, after a breathless match (67-64) to continue their Olympic journey.

The Bleues de Gruda go through pain: “We have learned the lessons, we are growing as a team”


It must be said that France is gaining strength in this competition. Picked up cold early on by Japan in the group stage (70-74), Blue then beat Nigeria (87-62) before facing the United States (82-93) to rank third best thanks to average points.


Les Bleues are just one step away from the second Olympic final in their history. A silver medalist in 2012, Valérie Garnier’s team will try to repeat the feat this Friday against host country Japan.


Good morning everyone. Welcome to Eurosport to follow LIVE the semifinal of the Olympic women’s basketball tournament between the French team and Japan. Start of the match at 1:00 p.m.

Tokyo 2020

Has the United States team changed since the loss to France?


Tokyo 2020

The United States advances to the final and will face France or Japan


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