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OM: Does Larguet get caught up in the game?  Your Answer - Interview

OM: Does Larguet get caught up in the game? Your Answer – Interview

Nasser, OM is in the middle of a sporting and extra sporting crisis, how can this victory be used to calm things down?

Nasser Larguet: “From a sporting point of view, I think you have seen for some time the team that is transformed, that finds a bit of certain virtues such as the commitment that is really the temperament of this team. It is true that we want to play more football, we are doing it. I’m satisfied with the three points, but not necessarily with the progress because we still got two goals when we got something from zero in two games. I can only be satisfied if we are able to chain these types of results to say that the crisis in sport is behind us ”.

It was your fifth game on OM’s bench, are you starting to get caught up in the game?

NL: “In all honesty, I do not project in the future. I try to savor every moment with this team, to contribute what I can do. There are good things and maybe not so much,” he tries to get them out of the way. and give them confidence, to rediscover the values ​​of football and OM football, with commitment, more confidence and a desire to also give pleasure to the people who watch football. If they take it to the field, they will give it to the public. That is what I am trying to do. So get involved … In my 37 years of work, I have always had a lot of fun and got into the game, even with my young people. “