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Om Nom’s parkour specialist and a OnePlus app in the top 5 of the week


The week started off with a bang thanks to a preview of Android 12 UI changes leaked online and Sharp’s announcement of a very interesting high-end smartphone.

Google I / O is just around the corner and what better way to prepare than by checking out the best apps that landed on the Play Store this week?

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In the collection of apps that the MobileLabs editorial team has selected for you again this week, you can find completely free items, for a fee or offered for free, but that include in-app purchases.

Remember to always check which of these three categories the application refers to before downloading them and use it to test new applications and earn a lot of points in the Google Play points program!


If you are looking for an application to edit videos which is simple enough not to require special technical skills but at the same time powerful enough to allow you to realize the idea you have in mind, MOLDIV VideoLab It could be just for you

With a collection of audio tracks including, more than 228 different filters, support for animated text and stickers, the application will let you unleash your imagination! Whether it’s a vacation home movie, a greeting video, or a simple animated slideshow of your favorite photos, VideoLab with multi-layer video editing support is pretty close to some of the most acclaimed shows.

The number of options is limited compared to professional programs, but for most people I am sure it will suit your needs.

MOLDIV VideoLab is a free app, however there are advertisements and in-app purchases are offered.

Edge Sidebar – Sliding Apps – App Shortcuts

You know that handy bar that contains quick links to your favorite applications, accessible from anywhere and that many smartphones have? Edge sidebar raise the idea to the nth degree!

If you are not satisfied with the software implementation of this feature by your smartphone manufacturer or your device does not have it, this application allows you Always have all your favorite apps at your fingertips!

Customize the number of icons, size, position and many other parameters thanks to this excellent utility that many will surely appreciate.

Edge Side Bar is available with a one-time purchase of 0.96 euros but it still includes some ads on the settings page. However, they are not intrusive, which is why we consider it to be an application worth trying.

App of the week


Clipt is a very particular application, although simple. Developed by OneLab Study, the software lab that is part of none other than OnePlus, aims to make life easier for those who use many different devices throughout their day.

The application allows you sync the so-called clipboard between multiple products or what in Italian we call “notes”. In practice, it will be possible to copy a part of the text, a phone number or a link from one device, for example, and then paste it into another. All without having to connect the two different products directly, really convenient!

Obviously remember that if you copy passwords they will also be synchronized through the application servers, so remember to stop syncing if you work with confidential data.

Clipt is completely free, does not display ads, and does not make in-app purchases of any kind.


Here we are in the first of the two games that we want to present to you this week. Gardencraft it is a title made by the team Thoughtfish GmbH and it is proposed as a beautiful digital gardening experience.

In Gardencraft, in fact, you will have to take care of your favorite plants, which will grow and generate profits to help you expand your garden and buy new tools. But be careful when the sun goes down, the crows are always on the lookout and could put a spoke on the wheel!

Gardencraft is free and does not feature invasive ads, however it does have some in-app purchases for those who want to speed up some parts of the game a bit.

App of the week

Om name: Parkour

A fun new game of ZeptoLab, the studio that brought the series’ unforgettable smartphone puzzles to life Cut the rope.

As you can guess from the title proper About Nom, the cute green monster hungry for sweets from the company’s previous titles, is the star of this new title. So ZeptoLab presents this chapter:

  • RACE: Who is the fastest? 10 runners, only one winner!
  • EXPLORE: Can you find the fastest route through the rooftops of Nomville? There are thousands of ways to finish a level!
  • MAKE DEALS: Climb walls, wall-run, double-jump, and zip-line your way to victory!

Om Nom: Parkour is also available for free, but offers in-app purchases. However, it is possible to have fun even without spending a single penny.

App of the week

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live True Wireless (TWS) headphones are available on amazon for only 129.00 euros.

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