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On our own: Our Bernd is putting on new clothes

On our own: Our Bernd is putting on new clothes

Tomorrow, September 12, 2022, Bernd (our server) will be equipped with new hardware and software. It means that we are moving to a new server. From a hardware point of view, it would not have been the problem. But we didn’t want to update the software while it was running, we wanted to test it at the same time.

That was safer for us. So there’s a new server with a better CPU, the latest software, and even a few bucks cheaper than before. It is expected that 8 a.m. start moving Then nothing will work here for a while. Shortly before that, a banner will also be displayed that you should not write any more comments. Because that would disappear after the move.

When the move is complete and your provider has saved the updated DNS information, you’ll see a welcome banner and a [Update] in this header. Then you too have landed on the new server and can read our news as usual, write comments or ask your questions in our forum.

At this point, many thanks to Gumfuzi, who set everything up and is also making the move, and to GwenDragen, who double-checked the new setup.

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