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Another thirty days of extension and then, most likely, another discharge of waste in Viterbo "the garbage can"

One more 30 days of extension and then, most possible, an additional discharge of waste in Viterbo “the rubbish can”

The director of Giovanni Masotti
Director Giovanni Masotti, photo by Erika Orsini

It appears to be there is practically nothing to do. Thanks to the ignoble haggling of obligation – in fact, irresponsibility – concerning Roma Capitale and the Lazio location, we are quickly approaching (the up coming extension expires on June 30) to yet another hell of squander dumped in the struggling landfill of Viterbo. Certainly, because only an incurable dreamer could dream that in 30 times it will be probable to fix the junk knot that from Rome, Latina, Frosinone and Rieti is destined to crash once more in our territory, which proceeds to be dealt with as the garbage dump of the Area. . . But is it possible that this horrible story has gone on for several years without having justice staying done and without the need of finding a way that allows Viterbo to no cost himself from this nightmare? But why does Viterbo have to pay back for the sins of others? Why really should the ineffable Raggi and the previous Democratic Social gathering secretary have carte blanche to come to a decision Viterbo’s destiny? This is all disgusting and angry. If we achieve a new extension to our detriment, the sealed papers and some protest posters will not be more than enough. It will get more, a great deal much more to try out to quit the horrible equipment that crushes Viterbo in between the anvil of Rome and the hammer of the Location. It will just take a civil and tranquil revolt, but that does not give encouragement to abusers. And we will see.

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