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Online policy: no electricity for five years, but they have to pay for the committed force

Online policy: no electricity for five years, but they have to pay for the committed force

“My friend, who has no money, had the electricity cut off at the bar five years ago. Since then, however, he still receives a bill for 1,200 dinars every month for the so-called compromised force. Interest is also charged on that amount for lack of payment. So, it doesn’t have electricity, it doesn’t work, and they charge it with non-existent committed energy. The store cannot sell precisely because of the large debts for electricity “, writes the reader of” Politika “P. in his comment on the site . METER.

When asked what it is about and whether the force involved should be paid for in the dark or not, Zeljko Markovic, MA, former EPS director, now an energy consultant at “Dilojit”, says that the force involved is a fee item. based on when The revenue of the distribution system operator is provided and represents the lease of connection capacity.

– This practically means that if someone pays for 11 kilowatts of activated power, they are actually renting that capacity and can simultaneously “withdraw” that power from the electricity distribution system. Based on that, the connection of that consumer is technically dimensioned. The buyer has the right to choose according to his needs, that is, how much capacity he needs, explains our interlocutor.

Very often, he notes, future customers do not pay enough attention when choosing the power of the connection, so they tend to opt for a higher connection power, although they do not really need it, without thinking that they will pay a fee corresponding to that power every month.

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– This tariff element is not related to electricity consumption, but is fixed and is paid whether you consume it or not. The customer whose electricity is cut is still the customer, that is. It has a connection to the electrical distribution system, so, regardless of whether or not it consumes electricity, all the elements of the bill that do not depend on consumption, but that are fixed, will continue to be billed and invoiced through the bill – Markovic points out .