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Online store account hacked: how and where to look for leaks on the computer?

Quote from DFFVB:

If your mother really had been the victim of a targeted attack, wouldn’t they ask Witt & Weiden?

That also surprises me. Who the hell does that? He didn’t even know about the store beforehand, so he won’t have a “gigantic” scope.

But those who worked there already knew what they were doing. From 28.08. Approximately 20 orders were placed, all of them with a single item each, for a total amount between 600 and 700 euros. some of the shipments have probably already arrived, others have not.

The store immediately confirmed to my mother that she would not have to pay any of the bills, and this hassle-free arrangement by Witt & Weiden is very surprising. Fortunately, she did not store any payment information there, all purchases on account.

I don’t want to sue the store, they’re probably just as upset when they’ve been compromised, but shouldn’t something like this be made public somewhere? At least the responsible data protection ministry should be informed about such cases, but I as a citizen (or user of the affected shop) will certainly not get any information about this when asked.

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Quoting Mickey Mouse:

no normal cyber gangster has targeted his mother of all people and installed a key logger at great cost like no one else.

That is not true. It is true that no one specifically chose my mother beforehand, but the effort involved in silently installing a keylogger is as big or small as installing silent ransomware. Navigating a crooked page or opening an email attachment is enough. Since my mom has admin rights on her Windows 7 PC, it’s no big deal, and if she can infect 5,000 PCs with her ransomware, she can potentially rescue 5,000 people.

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Alternatively, you can use the keylogger, which dutifully sends data, to simply navigate to relevant sites that work without 2FA and order. Whether it’s Uncle Udo from Buxtehude or Grandma Else from Hintertupfingen, it doesn’t matter to the owner of the keylogger, who is happy to be able to order something supposedly free in some shops.

Fortunately, the big sites like Amazon, Ebay and Co. no longer work this way due to their 2FA obligation.