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OpenAI Codex translates English to code

OpenAI Codex translates English to code

OpenAI has released a new machine learning tool that can translate English into program code. About the development, which is called Codex, the company reported on your blog.

The new software is the successor to GPT-3. The Codex database contains natural language examples and billions of lines of source code from publicly available sources, the company said. The tool is most efficient in Python, but it also speaks more than a dozen languages, including JavaScript, Go, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Shell, Swift, and TypeScript.

In several videos, OpenAI has demonstrated how Codex is able to create applications and games using natural language. The method used resembles elaboration Based on GPT-3, however, unlike it, Codex has more features and is specially trained on open source repositories pulled from the Internet.

Microsoft and OpenAI show AI that automatically generates Python code from comments

Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman showed an example of automatic Python code generation.

The user only needs to enter an English phrase to tell the program what is required of him, and Codex will write the code itself. Of course, the work of the software is not perfect and requires some patience on the part of the user, but in the future, the development of OpenAI can potentially become an excellent tool for writing applications and games without programming knowledge.

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