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Serie C: here are the three groups, the schedule at 19

Serie C: below are the three teams, the agenda at 19

Juventus U23 in group A, Cesena and Pescara in B. Palermo and Bari, queens of group C.

The C 2021/22 collection is born. In the afternoon the three teams were being declared, whilst in the night the calendars ended up posted. Team B is incomplete: a person staff is lacking.

Team A

Albinoleffe, Feralpi Salò, Fiorenzuola, Giana, Juventus U23, Lecco, Legnago, Mantua, Padua, Pergolettese Piacenza, Pro Patria, Professional Sesto, Pro Vercelli, Renate, Seregno, Sudtirol, Trento, Triestina, Virtus Verona. The to start with day: Feralpi Salò-Fiorenzuola Giana-Pro Sesto Legnago-Mantua Pergolettese-Juventus U23 Piacenza-Trento Professional Patria-Albinoleffe Pro Vercelli-Lecco Renate-Padua Sudtirol-Virtus Verona Triestina-Seregno.

B Team

Ancona Matelica, Carrarese, Cesena, Entella, Fermana, Grosseto, Gubbio, Imolese, Lucchese, Modena, Montevarchi, Olbia, Pescara, Pontedera, Reggiana, Siena, Teramo, Vis Pesaro, Viterbese, X. The first day: Cesena-Gubbio Fermana-Viterbese Grosseto-Modena Imolese-Lucchese Olbia-X Pescara-Ancona Matelica Pontedera-Carrarese Reggiana-Montevarchi Siena-Vis Pesaro Entella-Teramo.

Team C

Avellino, Bari, Campobasso, Catania, Catanzaro, Fidelis Andria, Foggia, Francavilla, Juve Stabia, Latina, Messina Acr, Monopoli, Monterosi, Paganese, Palermo, Picerno, Potenza, Taranto, Turris, Vibonese. The first working day: Avellino-Campobasso Catanzaro-Francavilla Fidelis Andria-Juve Stabia Monopoli-Catania Monterosi-Foggia Paganese-Messina Acr Palermo-Latina Potenza-Bari Taranto-Turris Vibonese-Picerno.

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