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Optic Gaming defeats Loud to win the Valorant Masters previously held by Team Envy.

Optic Gaming defeats Loud to win the Valorant Masters previously held by Team Envy.

The current best Valorant team in the world hails from the US: Optic Gaming won the Masters in Reykjavik, Iceland, and avenged an earlier failure in the finals.

optics To playof year 1. Courageous teachers The group ofUnited States of AmericaThe team was crowned champion by beating Loud 3-0 in the final.

“It’s wonderful. On the tournament broadcast, Victor “Victor” Wong, an optician, expressed his joy at the victory.

In the end, it was not an easy victory: the final score of Maps 3-0 (13-9; 14-12; 15-13) seems more accurate than the game itself. Overtime alone determined the outcome of two maps, Bind Soy the second game and Breeze the third.

From plucky newcomer to Masters winner, Optic Gaming has made a name for itself in the gaming world.

It’s the preliminary highlight for the esports organization since it entered the Valorant scene in early February. Optic had signed the team that had started for Team Envy a day before the start of the North American challenger at the time. The partnership between the two organizations was decided at the end of 2021 and it was not a surprise hit.

In sports, the title is less surprising. The group had already established itself as a global force. At the Berlin Masters in September, the pros took second place as Team Envy. “We were on the losing side at the Berlin Masters,” Victor said, adding that the loss motivated the team. It is something we have experienced. That’s how we got there.”

VCT Masters: no fans on site, but on broadcast

At the start of this year’s Masters, which also took place in Reykjavik a year ago, no spectators were allowed in the Icelandic capital. Instead, fans from all over the world were able to follow the final through a live broadcast.

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