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Earn money with Google: Google’s Task Mate app pays users for simple tasks (not yet in Germany)


Google knows how to masterfully tap into the masses of users over and over again without any payment, usually without them even realizing it. Well-known examples include Google Maps and Captchas, but there are also exceptions where users are paid a small fee for their help. A Google app that has been around for a long time pays users to perform smaller tasks and could enjoy huge popularity with an international launch.


we sent you a few days ago google survey app presented, which consists of answering very short rounds of questions about Google Maps, YouTube or other Google products. As a user, you receive credit from the Google Play Store for answering these questions, usually in the double-digit cent range. That’s not the world, but it only takes a few seconds and you can already refinance one or the other paid app after a few rounds.

Perhaps also based on this, Google launched an app in 2020 that is even more attractive: homework partner. In the app, users are given smaller tasks to complete and are credited an amount of money for doing so. Based on the screenshots, these tasks can include: shooting window displays (25 cents per image), reading sentences (20 cents per 10 sentences), describing images (50 cents per 10 images), or checking store details. Tasks are classified as “sitting” or “out”.

According to the Support page they only offer the tasks for which they are qualified according to the algorithms. Most submissions are verified or reviewed by Google staff or the community before approval. Therefore, uploading unrealistic photos or saying nonsense will very quickly lead to a ban instead of modest wealth.

google taskmate app

The highlight of the app compared to the survey app is that the tasks are a bit more diverse and the user gets money transferred to the account instead of just receiving Play Store credit. Of course, you won’t get rich from it, and sometimes you shouldn’t even think about the hourly wages Google pays here or saves by employing other people. But most of the tasks seem pretty simple and within a few seconds or minutes, most users probably wouldn’t have done anything productive anyway and thus wouldn’t have made any money directly.

The app is currently only available in a few regions, such as India or Kenya, and is probably being tested there. It is currently not possible to say if and when a global release is planned. But you could imagine Google starting something like this, especially in regions where there isn’t enough data on individual categories yet. Store windows would of course be interesting in Germany due to the lack of Street View, but spoken sentences or tagged images would probably be less so, because the algorithms are now good enough for that.

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The app could not be found in the App Store. 🙁

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