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Epic Games has a Marvel Super Cup at Fortnite Venom cup There is an amazing $ 1 million prize pool.

Players and fans were looking forward to the Marvel Knockout Super Series Cup, which offers prizes and cosmetics. Like the Venom Cup, the Marvel Super Cup will be a duo event.

However, Epic Games is growing in the Marvel Super Cup prize pool. With $ 1 million in funding, players need to do their best to win the Marvel Super Cup at Fortnite.

The Venom Cup will be a good opportunity for the duo to practice before the Marvel Super Cup. Bonuses to win Venom cosmetics are also a solid incentive.

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Fortnite Chapter 2-How to Participate in the $ 1 Million Marvel Super Cup in Season 4

Like Daredevil, Ghost rider, And the Black Widow Cup and Venom Cup feature teaming players.

The Venom Cup is a duo event and players need to understand the following criteria: Players must enable at least 30 account levels and two-step verification.

The best players in each of the seven regions will be rewarded with Marvel-themed cosmetics. The Venom Cup will take place on November 18th, covering all seven regions, but to avoid confusion, each region will have a different timing.

Needless to say, all teams hit their teeth and nails to win the Venom Cup at Fortnite. Immediately after the Marvel Knockout Super Series, players will have a $ 1 million prize pool in the Marvel Super Cup.

The Marvel Super Cup is one of the most coveted Fortnite events of 2020. It will be streamed live on Twitch’s official Fortnite channel on November 21st.

Epic Games’ official blog mentions the criteria players need to know specifically for the Marvel Super Cup.

“On November 21, the heroic journey of the Marvel Super Series culminates in the ultimate showdown at the $ 1 Million Super Cup. If qualified (and ready to challenge), Combine the skills you’ve learned in the Marvel Knockout Cup. Traditional Battle Royale abilities give you the opportunity to fight other duo heroes and win a $ 1,000,000 share of prizes. In addition to adding power, removal Sometimes the material granted is reduced to 20 and the material cap is set to 200 per material, so use your build wisely! “

Players must also follow a new set of rules that sets them apart from other Marvel Knockout Super Series Cups. Fortnite’s Marvel Super Cup also has a different scoring system.


Victory Royale: 55 points

2nd place: 49 points

3rd place: 46 points

4th place: 43 points

5th place: 40 points

6th place: 37 points

7th place: 35 points

8th place: 33 points

9th: 31 points

10th: 29 points

11th: 27 points

12th: 25 points

13th: 23 points

14th: 21 points

15th: 19 points

16th: 17 points

17th: 15 points

18th: 13 points

19th: 11 points

20th: 9 points

21st: 7 points

22nd: 5 points

23rd: 4 points

24th: 3 points

25th: 2 points

26-45 days: 1 point

Each elimination: 5 points

The tiebreakers are determined in the order shown here. (1) Total score. (2) Total of Victory Royales during the session. (3) Average removal in session. (4) Average placement of sessions for each match. (5) The total number of seconds that survived in all matches. And finally (6) coin toss.

The regional awards are:

The first position in Europe will be $ 4000. Similarly, in the case of NA East, the winner will receive $ 3500. For NA West and Brazil, the winner will receive $ 3000.

The first player to participate in the Marvel Super Cup (Asia, Middle East, OCE) will receive a prize of $ 2500.

Players need to make sure they are ready for the most abundant cups in Fortnite Chapter 2-Season 4. Epic Games is certainly pulling out all the stops when it comes to rewarding the Fortnite community.

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Published at 16:07 CET on November 20, 2020

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