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Passkeys: 1Password prepares for a passwordless future


With 1Password, the first major password management system jumps on the FIDO passkey bandwagon: the “passwordless future” is fast approaching, the vendor writes, from early 2023, 1Password will also support passcodes as a alternative to classic passwords. Access keys can be used and managed with the service in the same way as passwords and are available via cloud sync across all user devices, the developers explain.

With a mobile authenticator, 1Password also wants to make it simple to log in to your own accounts on new or third-party devices where 1Password isn’t installed. In this case, the login is authorized through the 1Password app on a smartphone, as the provider shows in a video.

With such features, cross-platform password management wants to differentiate itself from synchronization services from operating system manufacturers, which also support access keys. The corresponding feature is already on board in iOS 16 and macOS 13, Google wants to deliver it to Android and Chrome in the current year, Microsoft should follow in 2023. Major platform operators only provide sync via their own platform-specific service With Apple this is iCloud Keychain, which is now also available with a Chrome extension on Windows. 1Password wants to fill this gap, and as a member of the FIDO alliance, they also want to make sure that passcode technology remains open and accessible to all vendors.

The access keys are based on a public key encryption method based on the FIDO standard, which means that a password is no longer required. In addition, the access key itself does not have to be transmitted to the respective service provider for logging in and therefore does not have to be stored there. In the long run, this should eliminate phishing, database leaks, and other password compromises. Currently, access keys are only supported by very few services for passwordless registration, but PayPal is the first major provider in the early blocks.

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