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Did the creators of 1899 steal ideas from comics?

Did the creators of 1899 steal ideas from comics?

The creators of the German Netflix thriller sequence “1899” reject accusations of plagiarism by a Brazilian comic ebook author. “Unfortunately we do not know the artist. Neither his function nor his comic either, ”the director of“ 1899 ”, Baran bo Odar, published on his Monday. instagram glance. “We would by no means steal from other artists as we see ourselves as artists. We have contacted her and hope she will retract these accusations. The Online has become a peculiar place.”

the comedian writer Maria Cagnin I experienced a several times in the past complained on social mediathat the German series “simply similar to my comedian blacksilence is, which was launched in 2016.” He cited numerous plot elements in “1899,” which includes a black pyramid.

The cover of Black Silence and a promotional poster from 1899.
© Maria Cagnin / Netflix

Quite a few end users had then commented critically on the Netflix task on social networks. Other users had declared their solidarity with the authors of “1899”.

The new series from “Dim” creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar launched on-line on November 17. In 8 episodes, “1899” chronicles the mysterious situations that occurred through the “Kerberos” voyage from London to New York at the conclusion of the 19th century.

Well worth Viewing For Yourself: Mary Cagnin’s Comedic Can on your internet site can be read and downloaded on-line. (dpa/ltv)

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