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Paul George's Hot Start Backs Up Clippers Investment – ​​Orange County Register

Paul George’s Hot Start Backs Up Clippers Investment – ​​Orange County Register

The world, especially Twittersphere, is full of doubts.

But in the Clippers camp? Only believers.

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Lawrence Frank, the team’s basketball manager, reveals the Clippers’ beliefs: “Every year, we try to position ourselves for a chance to win the championship, and no great player like Paul. You can’t do that, “he said. In George’s greatness, he endured his struggle in the bubble.

George deserves all the dollars in the team’s investment, friend and teammate Reggie Jackson said shortly after: “He worked very hard, one of the best people you meet, and very humble. Very loving, very welcoming and hardworking. Honestly, he was one of the most hardworking workers I’ve ever met, so he deserved everything coming. . ”

Kawhi Leonard said on Friday that George’s off-season training (“Most of his stuff was like a kind of game simulation working on passes and readings”) was translated into court and on a statistics sheet. , Said the reading assigned a ruthless number in George’s early days-throwing the flames of the season.

The 30-year-old forward averages a very efficient 25.3 points per game, with a career best of 50.3% from the field and 51.5% from the 3-point range. He personally creates the best 4.3 3 pointers for each game. This is the most common NBA after CJ McCollum in Portland, with an average of three trials per contest.

Of course, the Clippers are paying George to do more than score. And he was the most obligatory. The six All-Stars have averaged a career-leading 5.2 assists per game, 6.1 rebounds of transport, and 1.6 steals per outing.

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“I give him credit, but he was able to do well this summer,” Leonard said on Friday through Zoom. “Last summer (2019) he was limited. Perhaps he could only shoot about 10 shots a day with shoulder surgery. And yes, he came out with determination and focused. I have.

“That’s what I see.”

Do you know what Marcus Morris Sr. is looking at? : “MVP season”.

“Honestly, P is currently playing at a high level,” Morris said. “We all knew he would.”

They knew it because they saw all the ridicule robbed George of his way. fan, Along Analyst And nowadays, even his companions.

George shared that the psychological tension he experienced was separated from the rest of the world, but he stuck to the NBA’s alternative reality and stewed a terrible basketball stretch. He became the first player to shoot less than 25% in three consecutive playoff games. He has been an easy target since Bob Cousy appeared in the first round playoff series of the Clippers against Dallas in 1960.

All its criticisms, all jokes, their memes, and references to “Wayoff P” and “Pandemic P” can cause flammable kindling if talented players tend to warm their hands by them. It piled up on something with.

George then signaled his teammates that he was planning to get hot.

“He told us he was going to bring it before the beginning of the year,” Morris said. “I’m happy with him, guy. I’m glad to see that aggression, and I know the fact that he had something to prove, and I know it’s him I know it’s the way I feel.

“And all the games I’m telling him are,’Don’t be disappointed, guys. Step on their necks.'” And you know, that’s what he’s doing. ”

After contributing 26 minutes to eight out of 14 shots with a 138-100 victory in Sacramento on Friday, George sat down and looked into the screen to confirm Morris’ analysis.

“It’s the only way I can handle it,” George said. “After a tough year last year, that was the only way I could handle it. I immediately went straight to the dark place where I was, I had nothing but to get better. Was the only thing in my mind, and the only thing was to get better.

“For almost two years, if not two years, apart from shoulder surgery, I’m just in a healthier state of mind, in a healthier place, and I’ll be back with revenge.

“I didn’t like it-not the noise and everything around it-only the fact that people saw weaknesses. And I had to deal with it. I had to answer it. It fueled me. So I came back and put me where I wanted to be again. ”

The challenge is to maintain that high level of disgusting play through the rest of the season, which has proven to be a turbulent season for the league, and through the playoffs.