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Neues Anmeldeverfahren bei PayPal

PayPal Access Keys – Register easily and securely without a password

Even the strongest password does not offer perfect protection against theft and misuse. Users often use the same login data for various services on the Internet, other times the password is easy to guess or too weak. PayPal wants to make things easier for its customers and, above all, to ensure better account protection. in a stream Report the online payment service provider announced that it would introduce a password-less login method: PayPal Passkeys.
To make Internet registries more secure, several companies around the world have joined forces and FIDO Alliance founded, including Microsoft, Apple, Google, Visa, Mastercard, Amazon, Samsung and PayPal. Together they have developed a more secure login procedure, which should be established as an alternative to passwords. An authenticator app is not required to use so-called access keys, as is known from other login procedures. Access keys are a pair of encrypted keys that are automatically generated in place of a password during account registration. The public key remains on the provider’s server, the user receives the private key. If the user wants to sign up for a service, the website or app sends a private key request. The user then receives a confirmation request on her device, such as a smartphone, which she must confirm with a fingerprint, PIN, or Face ID.
To use access keys, the operating system of the smartphone, tablet or PC must be compatible with the process. Google started testing the FIDO standard on Android and Chrome in early October 2022. Microsoft announced that its accounts will be Passkeys-ready in the near future. The newly released updates for Apple devices: iOS 16, iPadOS 16.1 and macOS 13 Adventure – Already fully supports passwordless login procedure. Consequently, iPhone, iPad and Mac users can now enjoy their paypal accounts secured with passwords. However, for now only via desktop browser or mobile web, and only in the US. The new feature should be available in other countries in early 2023. PayPal also announced that it would extend support for the app. of PayPal and other platforms in the coming months.