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Picture-in-picture on iOS 14 no longer uses YouTube's mobile website in Safari

Picture-in-picture on iOS 14 no longer uses YouTube’s mobile website in Safari

Apple Inn iOS 14 Added picture-in-picture to iPhoneA feature designed to allow you to watch videos on the small screen of your device while continuing to do other things on your mobile phone.

When picture-in-picture was working on YouTube

The YouTube app doesn’t support picture-in-picture, but until yesterday there was a functional workaround that allowed you to watch videos in Safari in picture-in-picture mode.

At the moment, this workaround is gone and it’s not clear if it’s a bug or a deliberate removal. When I try to use picture-in-picture in a video on a mobile YouTube website, it doesn’t work. In full screen mode[Picture in Picture]When you tap the button, the video will appear for a moment, but it will immediately appear on the website and cannot be used as a Picture in Picture window.

Picture-in-picture works on iPad, And YouTube videos embedded in third-party sites such as appear to play in picture-in-picture mode, but picture-in-picture is not working on YouTube websites.

Yesterday I tested Picture in Picture on YouTube for a Picture in Picture tutorial video and it worked fine as shown below. Since iOS and Safari haven’t been updated, it’s not clear what’s going on.

At the moment, Picture in Picture doesn’t work on mobile YouTube websites, but there is another workaround. If you Request a desktop site Safari on allows you to make Picture in Picture work as intended.