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Sandbox MMO “Fracture” Reduces Alpha Price

And next week’s Reddit AMA

Along Puorna Shanker September 18, 2020 | news | 0

Sandbox MMO Fracture Announced a price cut for Alpha.

New Blog postThe team shares that they are in the “significant moment” of development and are ready to accept more players into Alpha. In fact, according to their own estimates, their current continent Myr can accommodate at least 5,000 players and up to 10,000 players if needed.

To that end, the team has announced that it will reduce the alpha price from 90 euros to 50 euros. this is, Master pack Allow alpha access. Founders pack prices haven’t changed and there are no perks.

At this time, we don’t know what the corresponding US dollar price will be or whether the US dollar price will go down. However, I gave you a comment.

In other news, Alpha 2 – Test 4 has been renamed to Fall 2020 Alpha. Check out this roadmap Test here.. Finally, AMA is scheduled for Wednesday, September 23, at 7 pm (CEST). r / MMORPG.


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