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Pikachu sofa and Pokéball table

Pikachu sofa and Pokéball table

Pokemon decor is pretty much the dream of any trainer who has spent the last few decades catching all the monsters and defeating all the gyms in the games in the franchise. Now it is possible to go beyond simple stuffed animals and furnish your apartment with official designer furniture.

The Pokémon Company has formed an alliance with the Japanese interior decoration company Karimoku for a new line of furniture for the living room and bedroom, creating simply exceptional pieces.

What a peasant, you will say, and instead, looking at the images that you can find below, you will notice that the patterns and decorations in pokémon style are really very sober and could look good in any environment, winking at the most attentive.

Not only Gengar and specter-type pokémon (which if you haven’t identified them you can find on the carpet in the image above) but also the very classic Pikachu, Eevee, Snorlax and the inevitable pokéball:

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