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Pixel Watch: the clock is ticking: a new leak reveals when Google’s first smartwatch will be released


with the first pixel clock Google will soon launch one of the most anticipated products that was officially announced more than two months ago. Now there is a supposedly reliable indication of when that time will come: the smartwatch, which will launch at the same time as the Pixel 7 smartphones, is expected to be unveiled in early October.

pixel clock

Google hardware always follows the same pattern, which can be annual or multi-year and always appears at the same time. We’ve known for a long time that both the Pixel 7 phones and the first Pixel Watch will launch in October. The unveiling, pre-ordering and sales start will take place this month, but when exactly should that be?

If you believe in a well-informed source, the start of sales will already be in October 13 will take place and pre-order even in October 6. Consequently, the Google hardware event will also take place on October 6 or a few days before. Both Thursdays, but usually Google events are scheduled for Tuesday or Wednesday. Should I introduce a product on Wednesday and only open pre-orders a day later? In my opinion, either you do it on the same day or more apart, but not with half a day in between.

The information comes from leaker Jon Prosser, who in turn claims to have learned it from a very good source. They are referring to the Pixel 7 smartphones, but the Pixel Watch will launch and go on sale at the same time as the smartphones.

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