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Intel Raptor Lake: More gaming performance than the previous generation

More gaming performance than the previous generation

New Intel Core i5-13600K and Intel Core i7-13700K benchmarks have appeared on the internet. The tests were conducted in a direct comparison of pre-series models and are intended to provide insight into the improved gaming performance of the CPUs.

In a direct comparison of the Core i5-12600K with the not-yet-released Core i5-13600K as an engineering sample, all games and resolutions show a small advantage from the new generation of CPUs. The two processors were tested alongside a GeForce RTX 3090 Ti in the test and were also tested with the same RAM configuration for better comparability. The ASRock Z690 Steel Legend was used as the motherboard. In a similar configuration, the Intel Core i7-13700K was also tested against the Intel Core i7-12700K.

Tests show that the average frame rate increases by 10 to 14 percent at FullHD resolution. The advantage varies a bit more at higher resolutions, but it’s not as strong anymore.

The performance advantage is achieved through partially increased maximum clock speeds of up to 300 MHz per core, the equally increased number of efficiency cores shouldn’t offer much of a performance advantage, at least in most PC games. As usual, pre-production CPU dates and releases should be taken with a grain of salt.