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PixelJunk Eden 2 Review: A stylish sequel to Indie Classic


PixelJunk Eden I was ahead of the times. The idea of ​​a download-only indie game with artistic and abstract 2D graphics and a pulsing techno soundtrack wasn’t that rare in 2020, but it wasn’t. Eden When it appeared on PS3 in 2008. Developed by Q-Games in Kyoto, using Bayon’s music and visuals, which turned from a local artist to a creative director, Eden If it was a bit more challenging than its cool atmosphere, it was a hypnotic victory.

Now we have a sequel, PixelJunk Eden 2, Will be released today exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Much of the content and music has been diverted from 2018 mobile games, Eden of Scura.. Even if it’s your first time Eden 2 It will feel like a real sequel — and will be easier to play than the original.

The basic assumptions are the same. All stages are set in the garden and your goal is to help the little character reach a glowing “spectrum” somewhere on the map. You do this by growing plants in the garden. Think of it as a platformer with few platforms until you set it up yourself. Seeds are placed throughout the level and fill the seeds by shaking the thread and collecting pollen spores that float nearby. When the seeds are full, they can bounce and sway to germinate branches. This allows you to get more seeds, spores, and finally the spectrum.

If this sounds esoteric, it’s actually much easier. The entire game is played with a single analog stick and jump button. All you really need to learn is swinging physics.

Eden 2 It also has cruel time limits and is far more forgiving than its predecessor, who often plunges to the bottom of the yard if he misses a jump.Some of the ways Eden of Scura Adapt the controls to be more forgiving on the touch screen, Eden 2Traditional interface. For example, you can hover in place and jump multiple times before landing. Eden 2 Also, if you go too far, there are checkpoints around the map that will return you to the jump-off point and reset the time limit, but in reality, I think it’s better for the game to completely remove the limit.

The visuals and music are familiar, but not very attractive. The Baiyon soundtrack has a more organic feel than the original soundtrack, which was most of the time at the time. Its sparse minimal techno may have been lifted directly from Kompakt’s compilation in the mid-2000s. (I say it in a good way: Eden It has been a staple after my club for many years. ) This is a game that needs to be played with headphones or at a loud volume.

Eden 2The structure of is a little strange. It provides you with a choice of levels, and each you have to finish once in order to be presented with another set. In contrast to the original game map screen where you can jump directly to each stage, you can’t play them freely. I like the transition to simpler menus, but I recommend starting with a more traditional progression.

Still, PixelJunk Eden 2 A simple recommendation. This brings back the Indie Classic and makes it much less frustrating to play. This is an improvement over what is best suited for zoning. Eden 2 It’s not as novel as the original 12 years ago, but it still stands out for its unique stylishness.

PixelJunk Eden 2 It will be released today for Nintendo Switch.

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