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Xbox cloud gaming will be available on iOS and PC this spring

Xbox cloud gaming will be available on iOS and PC this spring

When Halo Infinite Finally arrived next fall, You can experience the latest adventures of Master Chief on your iPhone. Microsoft plans to enable and bypass game streaming via a web browser on iOS devices. Byzantine App Store Limits Apple placed With such a service.Rival game streaming platform Google Stadia, GeForce Now And Amazon Luna All run as web apps on iPhone and iPad.

In a blog post Microsoft announced its success with the announcement of iOS and PC news Xbox series X And Series S It was launched last month without revealing the number of consoles actually sold. Gamepass engagement more than doubled in November, with more than 40% of players joining the Xbox ecosystem for the first time in Series S.The latter is for new entrants Full cost of $ 299 Series S and Xbox All Access Payment Plan Barriers to entry into this generation of console games are low enough.

Microsoft says it plans to expand cloud gaming to more markets next year.Recently Test started Services in Australia, Brazil, Japan and Mexico.Meanwhile, Xbox Chief Phil Spencer recently Implied a plan For dongles like Chromecast that can stream games directly to your TV. As a result, streaming Xbox games may be delivered to more devices in the near future.