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"Playing with Mbappé? It can only be easy"

“Playing with Mbappé? It can only be easy”

Karim Benzema was awarded this Friday for Our Mondial and its Internet users. The Real Madrid forward has been voted best player of the 2020-21 season in Europe, ahead of Messi and Lewandowski.

“It’s a lot of joy, a lot of joy. It’s all the work I’ve been doing for a while at Real Madrid. I’m very, very happy to have this trophy,” said the merengue, who thanked those who voted for him. “Every time I enter a field it is to please the fans, to make them enjoy watching me on TV or I hope to return to the stadium soon,” continued Benzema, who believes that he is progressing again year after year.

“I go up, go up, go up, I don’t stop and I go on. I don’t like to say: ‘I’m better than him or him, I’m the best player in the world.’ , or this-that ‘. But, in any case, in each game I try to give everything I can and invent new things in a field. In a club like Madrid, it is very important to me. And I continue “. said the Frenchman.

Finally, he mentioned his return to the French national team and his long-awaited future association with Kylian Mbappé: “I am more than happy. It is a pride, I have been waiting for this for a while. I have always worked., I never gave up, I never let go, it’s a reward and I’m in a hurry to be there.

Playing with Mbappé? It can only be easy. It is true that he is a young player, but very, very talented. I like his movements, how he plays football. Now it’s our turn to get along on the pitch, but anyway, I have no doubts about it. Afterwards, we should not focus on the Mbappé-Benzema duo. There are many very talented players on this team, ”Nine concluded.

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