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PlayStation 5 Timed Exclusive Godfall gets new trailer ahead of console launch


Last week, Microsoft announced pricing and launch dates for the Xbox Series X and S. It pleased many Xbox fans, but they were waiting for the announcement about the PlayStation 5, so all their eyes were on Sony. PlayStation Showcase Announced on September 16thTh.. Now, to raise expectations, Sony has unveiled a brand new trailer for one of its timed monopolies.

Godfall made its debut at the last PlayStation Showcase event. The predator RPG was brilliant and surprised the fans. It’s very similar to the God of War title because of the way it fights, but it reveals a lot more. See the trailer below.

Game description read “Periperi is on the verge of ruin. You are the last of the Valorian Knights, a god-like warrior who can equip Valoplate, and a legendary armor set to turn your enemies into unstoppable close quarters battle masters. Run through the elemental realms, slash enemies and challenge the crazy god Macross. The first predator, predator, melee action RPG to climb Godfall. “

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Godfall Combat Trailer for PlayStation 5

Sony also released Godfall’s new combat trailer a few hours ago. Introduced the character movements of the game in battle, various types of enemies, and cooperation modes. Please see below.

The trailer also emphasized the player’s ability to take advantage of enemy weaknesses in combat. It also shows a PvE online co-op mode where you can tag with up to 3 friends.

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Given that all the hype is now directed at Sony, this announcement has come at an interesting time. The Xbox made that move last week, and now it’s Sony’s turn to do the same. This new Godfall trailer demonstrates the PS5’s next-generation graphics capabilities. In addition, it’s a PlayStation-only time limit, giving potential PS5 buyers additional incentives. This only helped Sony’s cause in the fight against Microsoft in the “Console War.” Games for PC will also be announced, details will be announced at the PlayStation event on September 16th.

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