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Vote: Box Art Brawl # 59-Sonic The Hedgehog 2


Welcome to Box Art Brawl. In this series, different covers from multiple regions of the same game compete for your vote in a deadly beauty match.

Last time, there was a duel between East and West. Super Mario All Stars Following all of Mario’s 35th Anniversary announcements, I felt better. It was a hilarious North American / European cover that removed most of your vote, the shiny golden Japanese cover couldn’t catch your eye.

This week we’re doing a little reverse programming. Mario is in everyone’s mouth right now, but what about his old platform enemies? Next week is the 30th anniversary of the UK release of Mega Drive / Genesis. So how good is it to get the blue hedgehog back into a fight?

We’ve already looked into the cover of Sonic’s Megadrive debut and the third entry in the 16-bit platform series, so let’s take a look at the iconic game between the two …

North America


Start with the cover of the Book of Genesis. What can you say? Maybe it’s nostalgic to talk, but we love this: Robotnik with black eyes crushes a giant checkered “2” with his flesh fingers. A pair of heroes facing the front. Tales’ eye-popping enthusiastic expression. All Sonic are cheeky and thick.

Place a very solid logo at the bottom, a sparkling gold Sega Seal of Quality, a black / gray border and drag only the Genesis logo at the top. In our opinion, this is far inferior to the sexy Megadrive logo, but the strokes are different. It’s still a great cover.



We were trying to make this a box art brawl. Duel-I did it earlier in the game when only the border changed color when crossing the Atlantic Ocean, but after staring at the yellowish-orange border of the European cover, I couldn’t eliminate it.

It uses the same art as the North American version, but with a bright border, a premium grid pattern at the bottom (a trademark of the Mega Drive Box at the time), the classic blue and white SEGA logo, and a chrome-like Mega Drive logo. I am. Due to the combination of the tops, this is much better in our eyes.

And for foot fans around the world, you can see the tip of Miles Plower’s right shoe covered in the NA version. Instagram!



To match the cover of the first game (and Sonic 3In fact), the Japanese version features mainly sonics and tails with colored dash on a black and white abstract background. The logo is displayed twice instead of once, and there is also a neat intersection of the words “SONIC” and “TAILS”. It doesn’t make much sense, but it looks cool.

Also, returning from the Japanese cover of the previous game is the next piece of advice to avoid procrastination.

Just sit down and don’t waste your precious time.
When I want to do something, I do it immediately. Please do it if you can.
It’s the only way to live a life without regrets.

Enjoy catchphrases, continuity between covers, and a number of dotted wavy lines. It’s all a bit purposeless and lacking in context, but it’s still a game of red sneakers followed by a Disney-like blue hedgehog, followed by foxes on both sides half his size. Context, logic. These are overrated. pleasant Here is the focus

Sure, it’s a symbolic cover, but which one is the best? Select your favorite from the options below[投票]Please let us know by clicking.

And that’s another week. We hope you enjoyed this short rest from the cheerful plumber. See you next time at another Box Art Brawl.

Herbert Wise
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