Tuesday, June 18, 2024

PlayStation Studios plans to release its first Xbox game in 2021.


PlayStation plans to bring its long-running MLB The Show baseball series to the Xbox platform this year.

It’s due to a leaked box art image (via a credited leaker) Anel Didad Show 21 for Xbox One (on Instagram) and branded the PlayStation Studios logo alongside rival Microsoft brands.

In December 2021, the previously exclusive PlayStation franchise was first announced to appear on the “additional console platform” for the first time as part of a multi-year extension of Sony’s video game licensing agreement.

According to a joint statement by Major League Baseball and Sony Interactive Entertainment, the multi-platform release will take place as early as 2021.No mention of a particular platform, but both Nintendo And Xbox Retweet the news.

Sony has recently considered releasing games on platforms other than PlayStation and has released several PC ports on the Epic Games Store, but the show represents the first release for PlayStation Studios’ rival consoles. I am.

The PlayStation Studios brand was announced last summer and will be used in all games developed and managed by Sony.

By comparison, Microsoft has shown much more willingness to release its title on other console platforms in recent years. To date, we’ve published Minecraft in multiple formats, released Cuphead and Ori for Nintendo Switch, and placed Banjo-Kazooie on Smash Bros.

Later this year, the Xbox company unveiled Psychonauts 2 for the PlayStation platform, and Bethesda titles Ghostwire Tokyo and Deathloop will be available on PS5 only, even after the deal is agreed by Microsoft.

However, there are some signs that Sony can pursue a cross-platform strategy more aggressively in the future. In a corporate report released last summer, Sony said it would consider adding more PlayStation limited editions to PCs following the release of Horizon Zero Dawn on the platform.

In addition to Horizon, the previous PlayStation 4 exclusive Death Stranding and Detroit: Become Human were released for PC last summer after the exclusive contract expired.

Mark Healey, co-founder of Sony-owned studio Media Molecule, told VGC last year that the PC version of Dreams wasn’t under development, but it’s “great” to release in the future.

Herman Halst, head of Sony’s Worldwide Studios Playstation blog In March 2020, the PC port dedicated to PlayStation remains an exception.

“And to relax a bit, releasing one first-party AAA title on the PC doesn’t necessarily mean that every game will come to the PC,” he said.

“In my opinion, the Horizon Zero Dawn was perfect for this particular instance. No date or time planned. [PC releases], And we are 100% committed to dedicated hardware. “

Sony’s corporate report also shows that PlayStation plans to accelerate the release of first-party games and may acquire more studios.