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Big hurdles could erupt before e-commerce giant Amazon

Big hurdles could erupt before e-commerce giant Amazon

E-commerce giant Amazon managed for years to stop attempts by its American employees to join unions, but the situation is now more difficult, in a new democratic era in the United States.

Today, the tech company is preparing for a job battle like no other in its history. In the next two months, thousands of Amazon employees at an Alabama warehouse must vote by mail on whether to join a union, a vote that could reshape the relationship between workers and the second-largest employer. He worked in the country, according to the “Wall Street Journal.”

The commerce giant faces a known opponent, the Association of Retailers, Wholesalers and Stores, or RWDSU, which, together with local organizers, helps lead the pro-union campaign.

The union helped organize thousands of poultry workers in Alabama to implement “right to work” principles, and unions have become a frequent opponent of Amazon in recent years.

RWDSU has fought the company’s plans to establish a second headquarters in New York in late 2018 and has supported worker protests at some warehouses during the coronavirus pandemic.

So far, the current effort has been more successful than other attempts to organize Amazon workers, according to experts who have indicated that successful organizing efforts at warehouses could spur similar actions at more than 800 Amazon facilities in the United States.

Amazon has tried to postpone the election start date scheduled for February 8 and has resumed the National Labor Relations Council’s decision to allow voting by mail, although voting is likely to continue as scheduled, but the decision Forming a union could lead to years of negotiating employment contracts for Amazon employees.

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