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PlayStation VR2: Invite-free pre-orders possible


PlayStation VR2 is available for pre-order from PlayStation Direct. The novelty is that Sony has dispensed with the invitation system, so anyone interested can go on strike.

After the first PlayStation VR2 pre-orders could only be placed through an invite system, Sony has fully opened up the order process.

This means that all interested parties who have not yet had the opportunity can access the official PlayStation store without restrictions, place the hardware in the virtual shopping cart and complete the purchase.

There seems to be no major shipping delays. Because PlayStation VR2 units ordered beyond the invitation system are expected to be delivered from February 22 to 28, 2023.

The package and charging station can also be reserved

Not only virtual reality headsets can be ordered. A package with “Horizon Call of the Mountain” and the charging station for the new Sense controller be put in the shopping cart.

The following PSVR2 products can be ordered:

The opening of the order system gives the impression that more copies than expected may be produced for the release or demand is below what Sony had calculated in advance. It is also possible that all players who were worried about scalpers can use the invite system quite comfortably.

At least one thing is certain: PlayStation VR2 will be released on February 22, 2023, and it will replace the old PS4 PlayStation VR headset.

The hardware, which matches the capabilities of the PS5, is equipped with 4K displays and eye recognition that allows for special interactions in the game world and, with the help of foved rendering in supported games, only displays areas in high quality. that the players are looking at. This concentrates resources on the essentials and can lead to a better overall result.

More news on the subject:

There have also been numerous PlayStation VR2 games announced in recent weeks and months, some of which are already out. pre-order from PlayStation Store. Other titles available on the first PSVR model, get some updates. But also a completely new purchase. sometimes it is necessary.

more news about PlayStation VR2.

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