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This is how well cloud gaming works on TV

This is how well cloud gaming works on TV

Cloud gaming has to deal with biases: high input lag leads to late reactions, the image quality leaves a lot to be desired anyway, and the internet in Germany is too bad for that anyway. We take the time to test these assumptions. How good is cloud gaming right now? We show you in the video.

in a Statista survey At least 29 percent of those surveyed were convinced that cloud gaming is the future of gaming. And the others? They may have pictures of you the early days of game streaming in the head. Much should have improved image quality on. And also news like that. Disruption of Google’s cloud gaming service “Stadia” do not reflect this characteristic well.

So what about cloud gaming? To find out, we have the Samsung QN95B powered on with the integrated Samsung Gaming Hub. The hub not only ensures latency-free operation of consoles, but also comes with some pre-installed cloud gaming apps.

Advantages of an integrated system

we use this for our test Xbox Cloud Gaming They have chosen for one key reason: accessibility. Xbox Cloud Gaming is part of the ultimate game pass. So if you’ve already subscribed to Game Pass, there’s a high chance you already have the Access to cloud functions. If you have played games, the cloud will recognize the save data. So you can join the game stream from the last time you downloaded the console at home.
It’s also easy to use: whether from an Xbox, directly in the web browser, or in our case with a dedicated app on a smart TV, Xbox cloud gaming is always available in the shortest possible time.

Lost the overview? We have a comparison of some cloud gaming providers for you:

Cloud gaming: has the time come without console or PC?

Today, cloud gaming can compete with local console gaming in some ways, but not all. If you can ignore the not-always-optimal image quality, you now get a decent overall package that still can’t quite replace a console or gaming PC for mainstream gamers, though.

You can see our full conclusion and proof in the video above.