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Pochettino is already establishing his playing principles

Pochettino is already establishing his playing principles

On the eve of the trip to Saint-√Čtienne, the Parisians enjoyed a good session of about an hour and a half. A session focused on intensity and the establishment of preferential circuits.

With very little training planned before facing Saint-√Čtienne, Mauricio Pochettino you must act quickly. Although the first days were a kind of restart, this Tuesday the new Parisian coach accelerated things.

After the warm-up and some exercises, there was a first opposition of 11 against 11, during which the Argentine asked for intensity. According to information from RMC, the players were focused and invested. The session ended with the headlines scheduled for Wednesday. The technician then made them work on preferential circuits, without hesitating to stop, resume, ask what exactly he expected.

Unsurprisingly, when a new coach arrives, investment and focus are more important than with the old one. Even if we can say that it is a lack of professionalism, it is also human. We still do not know the reactions of the new coach, we are more restrained and we want to show a good image. Therefore, it is useless to compare what happened during the mandate of Thomas Tuchel since the players had unfortunately gotten into a rut.

Pochettino doesn’t want to waste time

Upon arrival, the former Tottenham manager has two solutions. You can play in the minds of the players keeping what was done earlier in the game or try to impose your principles and ideas immediately. Apparently that’s what he decided to do.

Mauricio Pochettino is very inspired by Marcelo Bielsa, although he is surely more flexible than his compatriot. But like him, he likes that the schemes and circuits are repeated in training as many times as possible so that they become automatisms. This is not to say that it does not leave room for initiative or creativity, but rather that it wants to give the maximum reference points to the players. Creativity then intervenes within a defined framework and this is not the basis of the game.

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When there is novelty, there is excitement and even impatience. Not everything will fit with a snap of the fingers, but we’re eager to see if the players in their stead can deliver something different than what they’ve been up to in recent weeks.