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Poll of the Week: Do You Protect Your Nintendo Switch With Aluminum Foil or a Case? – tower

Welcome to our poll of the week, a format in which we ask you a weekly question about Nintendo and the world of video games in general. We first look at past results before starting a new poll.

poll last week

We wanted to know if the first Super Mario Bros. movie trailer lived up to its hype. The survey showed that almost 95% of all voters are satisfied with the trailer and at least expectations were not undermined. 87% of all voters expected worse and are looking forward to the next movie. For exact comments and discussions we invite you to go to the past survey enter a moment.

poll of the week

This week we ask you a question about how to protect your Nintendo Switch console. We would like to know what measures you use to protect your console. Since the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console, you can also take it with you and therefore it is also subject to possible damage.

Have you wrapped your console in a buttery-smooth rubber case to protect it from any mishaps or do you really not care about the optical condition of your console anyway? Let us know in the poll and in the comments. If you haven’t applied any protection, let us know what condition your console is in now.