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Poll of the Week: Have you ever encountered cheaters in Nintendo games? – tower

Sunday is always time for our traditional poll of the week. In this format, we regularly ask you questions about Nintendo and the world of video games in general. Let’s first take a look at the old survey before we start with the new survey.

poll last week

Last week we asked if you use the Nintendo Switch recording feature, which allows you to save screenshots and video clips. Overall, there was a balance between people taking screenshots regularly or using the feature less often. However, only a small proportion of voters use this feature to share the recordings on social media. Look here for the concrete distribution of responses.

poll of the week

Nintendo filed a patent this week, which would like to integrate an anti-cheat system into various online games (we inform). Since Nintendo relies less on server-based online gaming and more on peer-to-peer connections, the risk of running into cheaters is at least higher. With the patent, Nintendo wants to introduce an anti-cheat system that checks code modifications on the Nintendo Switch console. It is currently unclear if Nintendo will introduce this system and in which games.

Of course, there are significantly more cheaters on PC than, say, closed console systems. However, one or the other cheater appears, so action must be taken. In the past, commercially available Action Replay adapters made it easy to modify game codes, but at the time there were far fewer games with online functionality. Nowadays it has become much more difficult to use cheats in online games. In this survey, we would like to know if you have ever encountered cheaters in Nintendo games. Let us know what you think in the poll and in the comments.

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