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Mvno migliori offerte postemobile

PosteMobile also adapts to the SEA legislation issued by AGCOM

PosteMobile has finally adapted to the resolution AGCOM which requires automatic blocking of VAS. This is done by the company managed by PostePay SpA to protect users of premium services. Payment services are offered by third parties via SMS or mobile internet data. The formula used by these services is that of periodic subscription or one-time payment.

AGCOM You have decided that these services should be automatically blocked for new SIMs and those that are already active. The prohibited services in the vast majority of cases refer to horoscopes, news, weather forecasts, ringtones, games and the like. These digital contents are provided via SMS and MMS or, as mentioned, via mobile data.

The block, however, excludes services such as donations via SMS, mobile ticketing and televoting. To activate them, there is a Unique Password of at least five digits that the user must enter on the website of the service in question. In recent days, AGCOM has extended the block’s terms for another 75 days. In any case, a total lockdown is anticipated for all VAS subscription services as of April 21.

PosteMobile, however, makes the view of the active VAS available in the SIM by contacting 160 or through the customer area. During the consultation with AGCOM, the operator had responded positively to AGCOM’s proposal not to allow inhibiting the VAS, adding that it would be possible to implement a single procedure to activate and deactivate the block. AGCOM is a fundamental organism for the protection of consumers and also in this case it has been effective in inhibiting a practice that is certainly uncomfortable and often unwanted.

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