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They not only see messages and pictures, they also know when we are charging the battery!



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There has never been more than one way to message someone over the phone. However, there is less and less certainty that no one will reveal its content.

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The messages, images and recordings that we send every day through the most famous mobile applications are stored in more places than we think.

Who has an idea of ​​the messages that you send through the applications, if the “spying” of almost all companies is becoming more common, the answer was given by Ivan Babović, an IT expert and mobile application developer in Serbia and abroad.

When we do not have someone’s phone number, the first option is to search for this contact through the Instagram or Messenger applications. Both applications have more than one billion current users.

“We need to be aware at all times that these companies will know your phone number, IP address and all the content that you have published at all times. In addition, they have access to all the content that is on our phone and includes photos and recordings. it’s even what videos you just watched, what Wi-Fi network you accessed, but also little things, like when did you charge the battery, “says Ivan Babović.

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All the links, that is, the websites that you have shared in these applications or through direct messages, are maintained by Facebook. This company bought one of the most popular WhatsApp applications, which is used by more than a billion and a half people.

“After a while, it was announced that WhatsApp will share your data with the social network Facebook. This mainly includes application networking, in terms of when you last used them and how much time you spend using them. Although many companies claim not to. store data on their servers, we cannot be sure that this is the case, “says Babović.

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Viber is also one of the most popular apps for calling and texting. This has led to the creation of various Viber-compatible software that are used to listen in on conversations.

“That is, the companies for the development of this software were mainly directed at parents, how they could follow their children and what they exchange through applications. However, this option is abused. In this way, someone can follow the communication of another person in Viber, regardless of whether it is done on a mobile phone or on a computer, ”says the IT expert.


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The Signal, Telegram and Skype applications have recently seen a sharp jump in the number of new users.

“The signal is used because messages can be configured to self-destruct and can be sent anonymously. Telegram is an application that has options to self-destruct messages, restore sent messages, and retroactively delete entire conversations. However, protection in both extremes is not Skype has been known for a long time, but recently there has been another increase in the number of users, “says Babović.

In addition to all that, it is becoming increasingly apparent that there has been a mass phenomenon that, apart from companies, more and more employees spy on their employees through applications.

“A large number of employers in Serbia use some of the applications for employee monitoring and thus violate the Personal Data Protection Act. This is done through a platform for conference calls, applications for monitoring of the time, applications that allow the monitoring of devices “, says the Expert in IT.

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