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POZZUOLI / Prospect for mayor: Figliolia unloads Gerundo and launches Artiaco. But the primaries are finding nearer


Alfonso Artiaco

POZZUOLI – The relaxed in advance of the storm. A storm that made its initially target. Thanks to the point that the current councilor Roberto Gerundo has presently been thrown overboard, the mayoral applicant of the space of ​​”affiliation” utilized as a “vileda mop” in the brawl that will lead to the elections and left for remaining deemed a technician (in delegation to traffic, is regarded bankrupt) able of distancing and not uniting. So we will need a lot more. And who else but the eternal pectoral candidate Alfonso Artiaco (previously his Councilor for Culture), who because the immediate mayoral elections has been rapidly invested with the candidacy and then reversed with the most typical of “I am also active traveling the environment to see the a variety of art galleries”. A different “shit” prospect from Figliolia to invest in time and test to exhaust the resistance of Manzoni, prospect with or without the need of the impression of Figliolia.

Figliolia and Maione

EXPECTATION – The Figliolia applicant could also be selected and advisable by one of the handful of loyalists still left by his aspect, Gennaro Maione, in his early 80s. It could position to his son Salvatore (the fruits of a desire) or Miguel Angel Luongo, now deemed a type of Maione alter moi. The PD that leaves room for a non-PD looks to be a problem bordering on science fiction. How prolonged can the coalition hold out for Figliolia to appoint his successor? the genuine temptation is to do what his 1st genuine mentor did for him: Procolo Artiaco, who threw himself into the fire for him in the distant 2000s.

Mariano amirante

THE Key – Now, for whom should the Daughter do the very same? For the young Mariano Amirante, chief of the PD and his disciple, like the Sherpas of the Himalayas. There are no females and soon after Mobilio has been seduced and discharged, a lot of will be cautious of Figliolia’s embrace. The phase sales opportunities to the elementary faculty. Which daughter at this stage commences to get major. Also simply because, if it carries on like this, it will be tricky to cease the race for the candidacy of his previous ideal close friend Manzoni.

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