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The mistakes you don’t have to make when buying a coffee table


Choosing the right coffee table for your living room seems like an easy enough task when you first think about it. You walk into a store you like, pick your favorite piece, and go home with it, but after thinking about it more, there are many more decisions in choosing the right side table than meets the eye.

First, it must be the correct size, both in height and in terms of length and width. It should be of the proper scale and proportion to the space and should work with all existing furniture. The material should suit your lifestyle and work well in the room.

It should also meet the needs of your family, whether that means it’s kid-friendly or has enough space for TV remotes and other sundries.

Only after you have answered all of these questions can you begin to find the coffee table perfect for you and your space.

Be aware of the height

There is nothing more embarrassing than a coffee table that is too high or too low.

To ensure that you are comfortable in your living space, opt for a coffee table that is the same height as your sofa cushions or a few inches lower.

In this case, we recommend that you seriously consider buying the coffee table online. THE VidaXL furniturefor example, they can be quickly filtered by height and width, allowing you to choose the right model for your needs.

Be careful with the proportions

Similarly, to find a coffee table that is the right height, you need to look for one that is the right length relative to the width of your sofa.

Specifically, your coffee table should be about two-thirds the length of your sofa. So for a 2.5m sofa, for example, you should look for a sixty foot long coffee table.

Choose the correct form

Once you have identified the height and length you are looking for, it is time to choose the ideal shape for your coffee table.

Often times, the choice between a square, rectangular, round or oval coffee table comes down to the length and space required around it. Traditionally, your coffee table should be 30 to 45 inches from your sofa.

Between the coffee table and the TV cabinet or fireplace, on the other hand, you should calculate at least 60 to 75 centimeters, to leave enough room for circulation in the space.

To find the ideal width of the coffee table, measure the length between the sofa and the TV cabinet and subtract just over a meter.

Find the right balance

Another useful rule to follow when choosing a coffee table is its “heaviness.” That is, it must complement the rest of the furniture in the room so that the space is proportionate and balanced.

What does this all mean? If your sofa has tall, thin legs, consider a table that is solid to the ground or has shorter, sturdier legs.

On the other hand, if your sofa doesn’t have visible legs, choose a coffee table with taller, thinner legs.

Consider your needs

Of course, when choosing the right coffee table for yourself or your family, you need to consider your lifestyle.

Do you need a piece with a lot of storage space? Consider a storage piece. Are you someone who constantly plays board games in the living room? Make sure it’s a comfortable piece to pick up. Do you have a tendency to put your feet on the coffee table when you watch TV? Perhaps an ottoman is a better option for you.

Ask yourself this and other questions before buying any piece of furniture, especially if it is the nightstand in your living room.

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