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Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok is said to have risked his resignation

Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok is said to have risked his resignation

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The Forces for Freedom and Change and the Popular Resistance Committees, the spearhead of the 2019 revolution, demand the withdrawal of the military from political life while the repression continues. Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok is struggling to convince his former allies to join his efforts to regain control.

In Sudan, the political crisis opened by the military coup of October 25 is at a the status quo. Although Abdallah Hamdok ordered the removal of the police chief and his deputy on Sunday, November 28, it was not enough to restore confidence. The street maintains the pressure through the popular resistance committees.

This week, several civilian leaders continued to criticize the head of government, who returned to power through an agreement with the leader of the military junta, General al-Burhane. The former Minister of Foreign Affairs Mariam Sadik al-Mahdi in particular he explained that the principle of commitment to the military was not initially rejected, but that ” hegemony Of the military in affairs of state was unacceptable.

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Guterres asks Hamdok for ‘support’

Meanwhile, 43 people have died in the repression of the demonstrations, where the army continues to be the target of the slogan: ” No association, no negotiation, no commitment “As a result, various outlets quoted a source close to the Prime Minister on Thursday as saying that he was considering resigning if the deal did not suit him.” does not apply ».

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres urged civilians to ” support »Abdallah Hamdok. Especially because according to Magdi Amin, former adviser to the Minister of Finance, Sudan, unable to pay his officials and import strategic products, he intends to ask for the resumption of economic support and an agreement with the IMF. But that this is conditional on the release of all political prisoners. What is not done yet.