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Windows: Microsoft won't let you download Chrome silently

Windows: Microsoft will never allow you down load Chrome silently

Do you try to remember World wide web Explorer? This browser was extremely helpful just after a (re) set up of Home windows, since it allowed you to go right to the Web to down load the hottest model of Firefox or Chrome. A condition that is the supply of numerous jokes and memes.

Practices acquire time to die and it would seem that Edge suffers much more or a lot less the very same fate due to the fact it is utilised by much less than 4% of consumers in 2021, considerably powering the nearly 65% of Chrome. A predicament that is not to the liking of Microsoft, which has invested in offering a reputable browser based mostly, like its competitor, on Chromium.

Microsoft Strikes Back again

To discourage buyers from switching to the competitors, Edge shows a distinctive notification in Home windows 11 when you access the Chrome download web site:

  • “Microsoft Edge makes use of the exact same technologies as Chrome, trusted by Microsoft as nicely. “
  • “This browser is so 2008! Do you know what is actually new? Microsoft Edge. “
  • “’I dislike preserving money.’ No just one ever reported that. Edge is the ideal browser for on-line browsing. “

These notifications, detected by Neowin, also feel to appear on some Windows 10-geared up PCs. This is likely a native aspect as the messages do not show up in the similar way as usual pop-ups or notifications.

For the previous three several years, Microsoft has been testing a variety of means to minimize the amount of folks downloading an option browser. Lots of tries have remained in the draft stage, but the Redmond company appears to be to want to go one step further to avoid consumer leaks.

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