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Project ER - Nexon announces Project ER and its "massive real-time siege of fortresses"

Project ER – Nexon announces Project ER and its “massive real-time siege of fortresses”

Nexon presents its ER Project, presented as one of the most ambitious in its history. The game revolves around massive 24-hour fortress sieges that can be played in real time, in one-piece worlds.

Yesterday in South Korea, as part of a press conference, the group Nexon presented several of his next projects. In the batch, the South Korean giant announced that it had started the development of “four major projects” for the next few years entrusted to a special team, the first of which responds to the code name. ER project – and according to the study, this Project ER employs more developers than any other game in Nexon history.

Project ER is presented as an MMORPG but it would only focus on the mechanics of the end game. In other words, Project ER immerses players in a one-piece fantasy world (no loading screen) in which players dedicate themselves to conquering and defending fortresses.

The game is based on massive confrontations that must last 24 hours each, playable in real time; Players will obviously have to take turns on the battlefield to maintain their strength until the end of the game. To achieve this, players will need to strategically exploit the terrain, have a collision system, and make the best use of limited resources. And the study shows the ambition to transcribe the atmosphere of the battlefields into the game.

At this time, the ER Project launch date has yet to be set. According to Nexon, the game should be distributed on PC and mobile platforms, without specifying whether the gameplay differs from platform to platform (combat on PC, management on mobile devices, for example), but the developer promises details in the coming weeks and months. .

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